Davy Kestens shows his new TwitSpark tshirts
Our member and star entrepreneur Davy Kestens just got back from San Francisco and wants to support the startup community in Belgium. So he’s set up meeting hours on Monday September 10th for you to present your project and get his feedback.
If you don’t know about Davy yet, you should check out his background: serial entrepreneur, 24, recently raised US$1.2 million for his startup TwitSpark (he came up with the idea 9 months before),  and moved to San Francisco to really grow his company.
Twitspark is an online high volume social customer engament & crisis management tool and has seen some impressive growth from launch.
Things you can ask for advice on:

  • raising early stage funding
  • venture capital
  • twitter
  • b2b user experience
  • business development
  • startups
  • social media marketing
  • mobile applications
  • conversion optimization
  • entrepreneurship
  • san francisco
  • moving internationally

So hurry up and sign up for one of the few available slots. RSVPs close on Wednesday at 1:00pm. Be serious and prepare your meeting!

Oh, and if you are also a successful entrepreneur or professional, why not follow the example and contribute to improve the Belgian startup economy? 😉

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