Coworking visa
Summer is here! Even in Brussels 🙂
If you want to take a break, but you still need to get some work done, we have the solution for you: the Coworking Visa.
With your Betacowork membership you can have access to dozens of coworking spaces around the world.
The Coworking Visa is a network of coworking spaces around the world that allows active members of one space to use another coworking space for free when travelling. This is very simple: all you need to do is to contact the coworking space a few days before your arrival, in order to be sure they can host you. There are hundreds of host spaces worldwide and the list is growing: check them in the list and in the Coworking Visa Map.
Many betacoworkers use this option when they travel! Ask Emmanuel: he took advantage of the Coworking Visa during his trip to Spain, and described it as an excellent opportunity to network with international professionals. Also, ask Katia: our “Nomade sedentaire” loves travelling without ever stopping doing her job as a freelance translator. And that’s not all: our coworker Dave enjoyed a coworking week in Taipei!
Are you an active coworker and you are travelling to Belgium? Come to cowork with us!

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