When I arrived at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels my concept of coworking was completely different to the one I found here.
I thought coworking was just a regular office but shared with other people. I could experience from the very first moment that it was not like that.
There is a friendly environment here, coworkers help each other constantly. It is not just about working, sharing and networking but about the fresh and pleasant atmosphere the coworking and coworkers bring to you.
I am a young, just graduated, girl who has enjoyed the internship at the Betagroup Coworking space also known as #betacowork ^^. Having Ramón as a mentor I’ve been introduced a bit to this geek world and I have learned a lot of interesting things that you do not experience while attending university!!
It was great sharing these months with all the coworkers.
But don’t cry just yet as you will still see me around over the coming weeks while I take up a desk as a coworker and fill out lots of jobs applications.
See you soon!!