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Yes, we do screw up every once in a while, even if it is something minor. We printed some brochures last december with the key points about our coworking space in Brussels and there was a typo. Shame on us!
Where it says that the 1 day a week plan includes 32h of coworking a month it should say 24h.UPDATE: Clearly if even we made a mistake with it, there’s a problem. We’ve updated the 1 Day a Week plan to 32h per month. Your win!
When in doubt or contradiction, our terms and conditions, as set in our website, rules them all.
In any case, here’s the good version of the flyer in a convenient format for you to download and share 😉
***This is not longer valid, we have updated the plans since, so check our plans and pricing page***
Thanks for your understanding!

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