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Cecil Schmitt & the best version of oneself

Hello! I am Cecil Schmitt and every Monday afternoon I am happy provide  executive and life coaching at Betacowork.  My goal is  to help my fellow coworkers resolve issues about which they feel stuck or wonder.

Each session is 1 hour long  and takes place in the Relaxation Room. 
The first session is free so you can decide after whether to continue or not. Book a session  here!
Below I’ve listed 5 things for you to get to know me better 😉

1/ Why I do what I do: To support a sustainable, organic and humanist development of organisations, teams and individuals. In this purpose, I try to use art and particularly theatre in my work. For example, theatre-forum is designed to make a community share and exchange about its internal issues through playing the considered situations and experiencing solutions “on-the-go”. I recently used it so that the members of a company could exchange among themselves and with the management about the current reengineering project, and it was a success.

2/ Why do I do coworking: The first interest to me is a work location since I work as an independent and can’t work at home. Maybe some connections will come as a bonus

3/ One or a few word(s) about me: I am a French newcomer in Brussels, so I’m still trying to discover the city. I am very interested in innovative management and organisational models, and on the scary side (according to my friends), I am fond of David Lynch movies (and Twin Peaks, of course…).

4/ Which quote do I like to share : Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.

5/ What is my hobby: It used to be theatre (as a stage actor) until my baby twins came in my life one year ago. Now it’s eeer… let me think…


Activity: Change management for corporations – Executive & Life coaching

T.: +33(0)661941431
skype: ciceol

Based in Brussels
Available every Monday Afternoon@betacowork
Book a session  here!