Denny was one of the early supporters of the Betagroup Coworking Brussels. Right after his first visit he sent all of the members this encouraging and rewarding email that has really done us (Jean & Ramón) a lot of good 🙂 Thank you Denny! 
Hello, This is a short mail to share with the group the impression of my first visit this morning.
Firstly, thank you to Ramon for taking time to show me around in the building, especially the pseudo-control room for the green submarine 😉
Secondly, congratulation to Ramon, Jean and the rest of the founding member to align, co-ordinate and pooled the resources together in making this co-working space happened and a ‘happening’ space. Kudos.
Thirdly, the founders asides, today, I got to talk with a spanish programmer from Bilbao, a drupal specialist from Lille, a french lady who is passionate about networking, an agile IT architect; a parking controller who was writing a 20 euro parking ticket and slapping it on the car parked infront of mine. 😉
I really enjoyed the ‘warm’ working space and look forward to my next visit already. Especially to meet the rest of the Coworking members.
Success and until next time,
Denny Wong
Denny is passionate about international business, social changes and Internet; and their intersection points. He is of Chinese origin, grew up in Malaysia, and studied in the U.K. and Belgium.  Un-armed with 2 engineering degrees, MBA from Vlerick school and 10+ years of international experience he is setting up e-commercialize
a one-stop e-commerce solution provider for SMEs.
As a creative evangelist, he had co-organized popular consultationthat mobilized 20,000+ individuals to vote on a rainy Sunday.

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