Betacoaster BetacoworkWhen you sign up for a membership at Betacowork you get up to 6h a month of free meeting room use, but there is plenty more space to use for your meetings that is freely available to our members:

  1. The most obvious one (and my personal favorite) is the tables at the cafeteria where we usually eat lunch. Out of eating hours it is used for meetings. I love it because of the great daylight it has and how open it is, with a bit of buzz from all the business going on.
  2. Another space that is used for meetings is our relax room (sometime’s the meeting is with Morpheus) where you can have informal and relaxed meetings. There’s no bookings for this room, so everybody is free to come and go whenever they want. The set up is very informal, with beanbags and a hammock.
  3. There are a couple “boxed” spaces in the ground floor, with a table and three chairs that are used a lot for impromptu meetings.
  4. We have a few high tables for calls in the corridors (a lot of people just want a meeting room to make a call).
  5. And then there is also the “squat” option: if a meeting room is not in use you can just walk in and use it but when somebody comes with a reservation you have to get out.

All in all, there’s plenty of free meeting space to conduct your business.

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