The biggest geek festival in Europe is happening at the end of the summer in Berlin: Campus Party Europe. From August 21 to the 26, 10.000 people from all over the continent will get together to discuss and work on all kind of issues, from Astronomy to gaming,passing by social media, hardware, robots… Pure awesomeness with an impressive internet connection and lots of interesting people, speakers, workshops… It will take over the old Tempelhof airport.
The good news is that we have a special partnership with the organisers and have 10 free tickets in case you want to go. Just sign up here.
The tickets include the entrance for all days and a brand new tent (that you keep after the festival) to plant in the campus party camping (under roof, protected from the elements).
Campus Party Camping tents photo
The cheapest way to fly there is with easyjet, but you can also take the train (6h45min) or drive (about 7h30min).
Yours truly will also be there, speaking at a round table about the best coworking space in Brussels (and the world) and then having fun. I’ve already been to a Campus Party in Madrid with a group from Belgium and it was totally awesome.
So, sign up here and let your inner geek go wild!

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