Mateusz Kukulka is a very special member of Betacowork. He has cooperated from the very beginning to help make Betacowork grow. He is a journalist and a social media expert and works for enterprises. He is working, and prefers to work for small companies than for big ones because it is easier and faster to speak to the people who run them.
His current, and big social media project is for Kermezzoo, one of the projects of Kings of Comedy, a society for humor that is becoming very well known in Brussels. The festival will take place in April and throughout this year. He is willing and hoping to develop more social media projects for them.
Why coworking? He knew what coworking was because he was writing about entrepreneurship for different newspapers and blogs few years ago, then by reading about this subject he found out about the coworking revolution in the USA. But he states that the main reason why he joined us was his friend Ramón, the founder of Betacowork. They met in conferences that Mateusz was organizing with other friends from Café Numérique, and joined Betacowork ten days after the opening day. He realized very quickly the advantages of coworking: working with other people, to not be alone at home, getting new clients, and the good conditions of being here at Betacowork…
Mateusz has two main nice memories at Betacowork. The first one is his first image of the coworking space: Ramón was alone in one of the three rooms that we currently have so he came back the next day spreading all his stuff along the free tables, making a mess, to pretend that more people were there, so that he told Ramón: “Now it is coworking”. The second memory is the launching of the internet courses with Ramón and Pascal through a small company that they formed at Betacowork.
We are really happy to host you and to have you back at Betacowork, Mateusz!
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