Gilbert loves making stuff on the web. At the present moment he is working on a startup project called Greenamity, which deals with reforestation and plantation of trees.

He is based in Brussels, but he spends lot of time travelling and trying out coworking spaces worldwide. This week is Global Coworking Week and he is visiting Betacowork, where he spent nearly 2 years in the past.

Gilbert says that coworking is the ideal place for freelancers because it offers the so-called passive networking, helping them to find new clients and to promote their activity. Coworking spaces are also good places for small companies to startup, especially for finding first partners and clients, but then, following the natural business evolution, they will need to get a private office.

His first coworking memory? He was chatting with Ramon during one of their green bikerides in the middle of the forest and, suddenly, Ramon said: “I will open a coworking space”. Gilbert had completely no idea of what his friend was talking about.

Stefania, Gilbert, Ramon

Stefania, Gilbert, Ramon

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