coworking-week_logoNext week coworking spaces around the globe will be celebrating coworking and we will also do our part 🙂 Last year we celebrated with a big lunch and this year we will have a few more things going on. For us the best way to celebrate coworking is by coworking and meeting all the other interesting people that are coworking around you and us (meet the betacoworkers). For this we have decided to make a cocktail of events and coworking to bring us all together.
Each event has a different sign up to help us with the organization.

Coworking Open Doors (Monday 4 to Friday 8)

betacoworkEverybody can come cowork with us for at least one day free from Monday 4 to Friday 8 of August, just sign up here. You can come any day of the week and combine it however you prefer with the other events we are organizing. Just bring your computer and charger and get to work. Take advantage of your day at Betacowork to meet other coworkers and learn about them.
Current members can invite a friend to cowork for the full week. They just have to send us a message via the contact form with the name, email and phone of their friend so that we can set up their profile.
If you have already enjoyed a free tryout with us or you are a former member, no problem. Just send us a message via the contact form and tell us when you will be coming, you are also invited for the full week.

Coworking Breakfast (Monday 4)

nutella betacoworkThe best way to kickstart the week and the dreadful Monday morning is with a coworking breakfast, with interesting people and also coffee and food in your brain. Sign up here and be there early to take full advantage of the event. We will not be doing anything formal, so just relax and talk to the other people in the room. You can also cowork with us for the full day.

Coworking Introduction Rodeo (Wednesday 6)

Every month we do what we do an event to introduce new members and so that all of us (betacoworkers and staff too) get help from the rest. The formula is simple: you have 30 seconds to say your name, what you do and what do you need help with. Afterwards you just engage in conversation with those that you can help or that can help you. This is usually a members only event, but we are opening it for the coworking week. Sign up here to join the Betacowork introduction rodeo.
Introduction rodeo: introduce yourself and get help with your business

Coworking Lunch & Sangria #Betacooks Style (Friday 8)

We Love Food, People and CoworkingEvery Friday one of the betacoworkers cooks for the other members (not all of them, just 10 to 15). We take turns and trying to bring in more people to cook. It is not a cooks contest, it is a great opportunity to talk to each other and wind down after a hard working week.
This time it is the Betacowork team that will cook a mega #betacooks (Ramon, Stefania, Donatella and Sara) and we will prepare a bunch of summer salads with greens, pasta, rice and other goodies. Some will be vegetarian, some will not.
On top of this, we will also be preparing sangrias, with and without alcohol. Refreshments and water will be available too.
Just sign up here so that we know how much food and sangria we have to prepare.
And that is all! If you want to see what working at Betacowork is like before coming, check our pictures in FourSquare, but nothing beats meeting people face to face! You can also check and import our calendar of events to see what is coming up.