The presence of businesses on the web drives sales and plays an important factor on a brands reputation. However, business owners are often overwhelmed by the technicalities. As a consequence, there are often missed opportunities in solving some flaws, and/or implementing profitable enhancements.
Web analytics tools like Google analytics are a great source of insights, but it’s easy to get lost in all the reports, and not to notice the most important things.
In this workshop, Mehdi will present a business-oriented perspective to enhance websites using Google analytics. It will also be a good opportunity to share knowledge and exchange tips between betacoworkers.

When and Where?

Friday 29th of September Betacowork (ICAB Business & Technology Incubator), room Plane 2.

Who is Mehdi El Fadil?

Mehdi is a Business Intelligence and web technologies specialist who helps guide business managers through their data analysis and technology challenges. He focuses on finding new profits and efficiencies for clients.
Mango Information System’s clients include Universal Music, Unicef, the European Commission, bpost, VRT and a variety of small businesses and startups.
Due to his experience establishing Mango Information System, Mehdi is comfortable wearing a business and a technical hat. With sound business experience, he talks your language.