HTML5 Canvas WorkshopFlappy Bird in a Day
The Flappy Bird internet phenomenon was rumored to be making $50,000 a
day in ads. The game itself only took a few days to create, and this workshop
goes a step further by re-creating it in a matter of hours.

What will we do in this workshop?

This full day code along workshop follows a sequence of exercises designed
to teach the basics of the Html5 Canvas, while covering the concepts and
techniques required to create a simple game. You will use plain Javascript without
frameworks or libraries.
You will learn in one day what would normally take you a
week or more.
The topics include:

  • Canvas Basics and setup
  • Canvas Drawing API
  • Bitmaps and bitmap manipulation
  • Animation
  • Canvas Transforms
  • Mouse / Keyboard / Tap interaction
  • Simple game setup and mechanics

Familiarity with Javascript is required for this course.

Who is this Sakri guy?

Sakri Rosenstrom is an HTML5 Canvas Developer with 15 years of experience who currently spends his days working with Angular. He considers himself a graphical creative coder.

When and where?

March 4th from 9h30 to 5pm at Betacowork Coworking Brussels.

I want to be a kick ass canvas developer!

Early bird tickets available in limited number and only until Friday January 30 at 5pm.
This course is too cheap to even qualify for one of the subsidies of Brussels Region (information about their subsidy in French and Dutch). If you want more information on any subsidies call the Brussels entrepreneur help line: 1819.
PS: Minimum 10 people to run the course. If there’s less, we will reimburse you.

With the support of:
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