Jennifer is an international event consultant and project manager, currently very busy organizing an exchange of American students coming to Brussels for internships in European institutions and consultancies.
Her viewpoint about coworking? The ideal dimension for freelancers with a computer-based job.
She loves coworking at Betacowork for its atmosphere and for its community and she is amazed by its energy. She loves being a flexible worker and that’s why she carries her office in her bag!
Coworking means not only sharing an office but experiences, ideas and food: it is nice to find the lunch ready because somebody has prepared it for you! The most special thing she tasted was a beer with ginger syrup.
JCoworker Jennifer Palumboennifer is looking for new projects as moderator/facilitator, or in communication and education projects. Don’t hesitate to drop her a line if you want to connect in some way!
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