Next week is the Worldwide Jelly Coworking Week, an event to promote coworking and educate about it. We are participating opening up our doors next Friday (January 20th) to all of you that would liket to discover what coworking is all about and meet the people that are coworking. Coming to a coworking space will help you see if it is the right thing for you and what the fine difference with a business center is (spoiler: the community), you just need to dip a toe.
So what’s a Jelly? It is a casual coworking event that can happen anywhere, even in a cowoking space.
All you have to do is bring with you is your computer and charger: you will spend the day working on your stuff  and in your breaks you can talk with the members, who are very open. Just introduce yourself and be polite (but not formal.) To make it even easier for you to meet our members, we will be running an open bar at the end of the day (at around 17h30.)
For those that need quiet to work that’s not an issue. One of our rooms is library like, so you can concentrate better (but miss a lot of the action going on in the noisy room.)
Here’s a short video introduction to coworking and a peek into our space and community:

Don’t hesitate about it, participation is free, you just have to  sign up and come meet us, we don’t bite… promise.

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