Mathieu, advertising entrepreneur for over 12 years, is the founder and managing partner at Media Expo, Mediafield & Figibox.
He is currently focused on his project Figibox, a mobile app that will allow you discover worthy physical and digital treasures around you.
Inspired by two apps, Hiddencash and Geocaching, Mathieu was looking for a way through which people might communicate beyond their PC’s or smartphones. In other words, Figibox will connect the physical with the digital world boosting people to move out from home and making digital relationships become real once they discover to share passions and interests for a piece of art, a book, an old song. The innovation of this app compared to the others is that a locker will protect the precious treasures and make them available only to the Figibox community. What will you be able to find inside a locker? Artworks, books, movies, paintings, 80’s treasures…
Figibox is mostly conceived for artists or collectors who love to discover culture and art. Mathieu is also planning to expand the app internationally and become a part of the cultural industry by involving organizations that promote beauty such as museum and galleries. In order to share his experience as entrepreneur, Mathieu has just launched a blog about the first 100 days of his European start-up in English, Dutch and French.
Mathieu is passionate about coworking, and loves its atmosphere and the serendipity happening around him. The first time he came to Betacowork he was amazed by the entrepreneurial energy shining from that place.
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