#startupland logoHey, hey, hey starters! We have another opportunity to meet and talk startups and this one is coming up fast: it is tomorrow! Late last week we secured the exclusive pre-screening of StartupLand, a movie about and for starters.
Startupland is a documentary series that followed five founders through a startup accelerator to show what it takes to start a company, and to succeed in growing and sustaining a business. Featuring interviews with world famous founders and investors (including the founders of AOL, Blackboard, Reddit, Eventbrite, Living Social, Mapquest, Evernote, Meetup, and more!

Learn from legendary founders and experts including Steve Case (founder of AOL & Revolution), Kevin Hartz (founder of Eventbrite & Xoom), Alexis Ohanian (founder of Reddit & Hipmunk), Esther Dyson (Investor & Advisor to Evernote, Meetup, and others), Amy Millman (Springboard Enterprises), Michael Chasen (founder of Blackboard & SocialRadar), Tim O’Shaughnessy (co-founder of LivingSocial) and the (co)founders of MapQuest, VHX and others.

Get your free tickets here.

We will also improvise a post-event dinner around the corner, to keep on talking and knowing each other better.

If- oh, unlucky entrepreneur- you cannot make it to the screening, you can at least see what others are saying by following the hashtag for the event: #startupland #betacowork.


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