1. Which programming language / technology should I use?
2. Where can I find developers?
3. How will I know if they are any good?
These are 3 of the most common questions you often hear from new founders looking to build some kind of web platform.
Putting my own opinions aside, you’ll have to make your own journey on this. But there’s one common factor that links all three of these questions. “It’s the people that matter”.
So go where the people are. Most technologies are pretty much equal at early startup scale. So stop worrying about making a bad choice for a theoretical scenario that you haven’t even encountered yet and will not encounter if you never start.
Betacowork hosts a number of web tech focussed meetup groups in the evening. You’ll find others at Co-Station, KBC StartIt in Antwerp and various web agencies in Gent and Leuven. There are also Café Numerique and FeWeb events. So head over to meetup.com find an event and start meeting developers or ask Sara for info about the kind of events BetaCowork hosts. You’ll see technology demonstrations in action, meet people face to face and see people discussing the various technologies.
You’ll be amongst motivated people who are open and willing to share their knowledge and I guarantee you’ll see, “It’s not about the tech, it’s about the people”.
What are you waiting for?

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