geoffroyGeoffroy Verney-Carron was born in Saint-Étienne, France, where his family runs a business in the mechanic industry from generations: Verney-Carron, France’s oldest hunting gun maker, whose history can be traced back to 1650.
Geoffroy is passionate about international relations and geopolitics, and got a double degree, in geopolitics and in business studies. Though not a big fan of hunting, he always had a passion for entrepreneurship.
In a classic Belgian style compromise, Geoffroy moved to Brussels over 10 years ago. Proud father of three girls, he’s made his dream a reality by creating and running two start-ups.
His passion for the wellness sector started when he was an employee at Oracle, where he first experienced a massage in the office. Strongly inspired by the book ”Wellness revolutions“ by Paul Zane Pilzer, he decided to start his own business.
His first project is Wellness Paladins, a wellness agency creating innovative on demand solutions for companies, becoming pioneer in concepts like wellness gift-boxes in 2004 and in the advantage cards in 2006. The concept of the wellness cards was sold to a Belgian insurance company (Solidaris) that re-branded it as “Zeneo“.
Geoffroy launched Timeplazza in November 2012, after a year of pre-work. The idea was to be the “” of the local services with a focus on wellness. Timeplazza offers a user friendly platform to find and book services like coaching, massages, beauty-care, babysitting and all services available around us, at the best prices. Timeplazza was initially focused on ”convenience”, but due to poor market reactions it moved towards offering promotions. Timeplazza is also starting up business to business services such as a spa booking platform for hotels.
You can follow Timeplazza on facebook and twitter.


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