murielMuriel Mattiussi-Kirchhof  is a freelance translator with multicultural origins. Before moving to Belgium with her husband, she lived in France with her family, half Dutch and half Italian.
After graduating at ISIT translation school in Paris, she worked for EF (the world’s largest private education company) as well as for the Air France translation service.
In 2004 she moved to Amsterdam, where she worked as Project Manager for Crestec, a Japanese company specialized in technical translation. After spending 3 years in Amsterdam she decided to become freelance, in order to have the possibility to deal with more varied translations.
Her company TransLangues offers translation services from English, German and Dutch into French. Her specializations areas are Finance, Corporate documents, HR, marketing, Education as well as Airlines. Muriel is also able to offer editing proofreading services and project management.
Muriel is member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators  and vice-president of the ISIT Alumni Association.
If you need any advice on translation and multicultural communication feel free to contact her:


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