olivierOlivier Caeymaex is an expert in customer relationship management (CRM).
Web-based CRMs are numerous (Nimble, Zoho, Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, vTiger, etc) but they vary in their approach and functionality. Olivier helps his clients (mainly SMEs) to evaluate CRM solutions and choose the instrument that best suits their needs.
May you want to discuss about how to improve the relationship with your clients, just pass by or contact Olivier via Twitter or his website.
Olivier is also the co-founder of The Canteen, a food truck initiative he launched with Pascal Van Den Driessche. Olivier and Pascal met some time ago at Betacowork, where they discovered to share the same passion for food and decided to start a common project: they transformed a so called “Goulash Cannon” (a mobile kitchen used to feed the German troops) into a gourmet food truck. Last year The Canteen was selected as semifinalist project of the TV show Starter.

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