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This event organised by Entrelancers will help you find your perfect business match whether you are a startup or an aspiring entrepreneur looking for co-founders, developers, CTO, freelancers, investors…. or   a freelancer looking for new projects and opportunities. This networking event will take place on Thursday 15th of March, at 6:30PM at Betacowork (Rue des Pères Blancs 4, 1040 ,Bruxelles).

The agenda of the evening : 

1. Pitch your project  :

The entrepreneurs/startups looking for cofounders will have to pitch in 2 mins about their project/idea and what profiles they are looking for in the event.
This will allow others (profile 2) to get a good overview of the projects which could be interesting for them.

2.  Speed Networking :

We will organise sessions of speed networking between the 2 set of profiles. Who knows at the end of the evening you might already have a complete team? These sessions will be time bound with around 6-7 mins per table. Read more about speed networking here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_networking

3.Open Networking :

After the speed networking session you are free to talk and discuss with anyone and take the discussion further ahead at your own pace.

When & Where

Wednesday 21st,  at 6:30PM  at the  Betacowork (Rue des Pères Blancs 4, 1040 Bruxelles)


To provide higher quality and greater chance for you to find a match,we have restricted the number of participants to a minimum.

Also the group will be compose of 2 different profiles:

 Profile 1 : You are a startup / an aspiring entrepreneur / looking for co-founders, developers, CTO, freelancers, investors

If your are profile 1 please give a short description about your project and what profile are you looking for ?

Profile 2 : Are you a part-time/full time freelancer? developer? IT profile? sales? marketing? looking for new missions customers? new projects ?

If you are profile 2, then mention the skills/services that you offer. This will help us to make a pre match for the event.

Price :  

We are charging minimum as possible for the event, this includes soft drinks, the venue and other organisational charges (stationery, printing etc) . It also includes a day of free coworking at Betacowork (see below) . Also we want to be absolutely sure that the people who register show up at the event. We have had prior experiences of people not showing up leading to an imbalance between the 2 profiles.


If you’d like to stay up to date with all Betacowork events, check out our calendar  here