The Animal Sounds App For Kids

Picaboo is a new iPhone, iPad and  Android application for toddlers and small kids that discovers them the words and sounds associated with animals. The app is really simple to use and kids digg it out of the box, without any need for a walkthrough. It is available in 6 languages and was developed by Jonas Altin (who’s about to become a dad in a week). The (beautiful) illustrations and design are the work of Jennifer Snow.

Powered by Coworking

They both met at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels and decided to give a try to making an app together as a side project. Jonas just leaned towards Jennifer and proposed a coffee. It is that simple and a skill you should all practice.
The collaboration started right away among themselves and then also with other members of the coworking space to do the translations and voices for the app. Everybody was quick to say yes and just collaborate for the pleasure of doing things and helping some colleagues out. Toon did the Dutch version, Gilbert the English and I the Spanish. We have been talking about the app and annoying others with our cow and donkey sounds for weeks and, guess what?, they are all interested and want to know what is happening with the app. We all got to bug Jonas a bit in the last days just checking if the app had been aproved and was already available.

What You Can Do

First of all you can download the app, try it and share it all around you.
Paid version: iPhone, iPad and  Android
Free version: iPhone, iPad and  Android
Like the app in Facebook and spread the news in social media
Aren’t we the best coworking in Brussels? 😉 May the power of coworking be with you!

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