Olivier Brisac has more than fifteen years experience on the Internet. He started to work at Bain & Cie as a strategic consultant on the Internet Bubble, 1999-2000, and he realized that there were a lot of opportunities not addressed to the big players. That is the reason why he joined an internet startup, Assurland.com, a French insurance price comparison website. As general manager of the company, he developed the business for ten years, but wanting to experience working life in a larger corporation, he moved to Brussels and joined Bongo/Smartbox, the worldwide leader of giftboxes, as Head of ecommerce. Then, two years later, he started to work in Photobox, Europe’s leading personalized product printing company, as Deputy Managing Director.
After this amazing career, he wanted to start-up a new venture, so decided to quit his comfortable position at Photobox and launch his very own KillmyBill. The name is cool but the aim of the company is even better. It is [Tweet “a price-comparison website specialized in energy, telecom and finance.”] Olivier tells us that he wanted to focus on two things: Pedagogy (providing a lot of help and guidance to make the process easier for clients, and pointing out every detail of the product) and Ergonomy (easy and fast to use).
Olivier_Brisac_photoBoxOn the other hand, when we asked him: “Why coworking?” he said that he did not have a lot of professional network connections here and he was fed up with working from home, stressing our favorite sentence: “Working from home sucks”. He wanted to meet new people to get help and find professionals that could do some work for his company and, actually, he is currently working with a translator he met at Betacowork.
Finally, he is very interested in our events and our community because many of our members are working for digital projects. Also, he thinks that to be in a startup environment is motivating. In short, he really enjoys being part of Betacowork!
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