The first and so far awesomest exhibition of the BetaGroup Coworking Brussels kicks off with a selection of paintings bySteve Young, a Brussels based British artist, curated by member, and official curator of the Betacowork, Gilbert West.
To celebrate, we will have a vernissage on Monday 21st March from 6-8pm. Aside from the usual Betagroup catering, you will have a unique oportunity to meet the artist and admire his 8 acrylic on canvas paintings. Around them, you’ll find 120 mini paintings done on Brussels travel tickets.
Steve started painting these after using them as scrapers to apply paint on his larger canvases, and realized they took on a life of their own. He started to treat each one as a painting in it’s own right, adding further layers as he went along. He now has a collection of over 200. Though he might have to find a new material for his mini paintings since the introduction of the Mobib electronic pass!
Steve graduated from the Norwich School of Art and Design and specializes in Abstract Painting. He works with different  perspectives to form his creations, aligning technical and organic forms alongside one another, using bright visually exciting colours and a range of processes.
The paintings will be in the cafeteria area until the end of April.
If you’d like to contact Steve to buy his great artwork or commission any work you can contact him on or, of course being a BetaGroup kind of person, on Twitter @Art_Works 

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