Sarah is a freelance journalist specialized in tourism. She manages Le Journal de l´Evasion (the only tourism online magazine in Belgium) and she also contribute to the radio. She writes travel guides and articles about tips for travelling: charming or unusual places to stay, funny ways to visit or travel, nice accommodation packages… in Belgium or abroad. On the radio, she´s the “Miss Travel” of Vivacité/RTBF and she gives the tips from Le Journal de l´Evasion in different shows. Listen to her travel advices on La Première every Sunday morning or in the show Le 8-9 every Friday morning!
profiles_01677_imageLike many of our coworkers she thinks that “working from home sucks”. She was fed up of working in pyjamas and alone, only seeing people leaving the house. Betacowork has helped her to change her lifestyle and to be more productive and motivated. Although her objective joining us was not to make contacts she thought that she could find people that had interesting travel stories and she was right! She is going to interview a couple of our coworkers to spread their travel experiences on the media. Also, Sarah likes practising her English when she speaks with some of our coworkers because she works in French so she doesn´t use English very often.
Finally, she really enjoys Fridays here. She thinks that Betacooks, where one coworker cooks for everyone, are a really good opportunity to meet other members in a nice and relaxing environment as having lunch all together facilitates contact with people.
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