Tomorrow the best coworking space in Brussels will be opening a pop-up coworking for 4 days only at The Egg as part of a week long event around entrepreneurship, intrapeneurship, creativity and innovation.
We still don’t know exactly what is it going to be like or where we are going to be, but creative and challenge oriented as we are that is not a problem. We will concentrate on what we do best: connect and facilitate.
For the time being we have decided to create a virtual paper social network, so that all the attendees can network and get help. If you want to be in it you just have to come to our space and use one of the computers to make your profile.
Ramon Suarez emprendedor coworking e internet
We have set up different colors and categories so that it is easier to find people you may be interested in. And yes, we like retro, so we have included a QR-Code linking to your twitter account.
The profiles will be also available online via MoniPeni. Keep an eye on them for known faces!
A really good opportunity to become part of it and to spend a quality tech startup networking day is to come on Thursday for Tech Startup Day.
This great app is the baby of Nilo Vélez, programmer and entrepreneur.

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