Najad Jonas-Menouar joined us recently and we are happy to host her! She is a specialist in digital media and has worked for many years in online communication; leading digital departments in companies such as Hi-Media or Omnicom Media Group.
She has now decided to start her own project after realizing how difficult it is for marketers, online creatives or strategists to deal with the velocity and complexity of digital, social and mobile media. Her aim is to offer a much more personalised approach to media innovation and to provide clients with the kind of advice that goes beyond the media plan you normally expect. Najad is happy to help whatever the budget, timing and challenge clients have, and teach them the right strategies and provide coaching for them or their team to conceptualize creative ideas, storytelling, or to use an influence marketing.
Why has she decided to join us? She found a cool atmosphere at Betacowork and she likes the diversity of the people that we host. Also, she jokes: “And the coffee is pretty good”, so we should thank our providers! Najad feels that she is working in a company that helps people to grow and challenges them.
And on the other hand, as we organize several workshops each week to exchange knowledge and ideas between members, Najad will organize a workshop in programmatic media buying , so “stay tuned!” – she says.
Finally, she kindly tells us a bit about herself. She is married and has a wonderful 4-year-old daughter. Her hobbies? Fashion, art, good food, chocolate… Welcome to Betacowork Najad!
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