Sylprofiles_01585_imagevie Lillywhite and Martin Dieryck are behind They create and design visual systems to help businesses arrive at an identity that makes them stand out, and why clients should choose them. As Sylvie says: “I believe that visual language helps businesses to communicate with people.”
Currently Sylvie is working for Centre d’Action Laïque in designing a report to help teachers to talk about Jewish deportation during the Second World War.
Why coworking? When Sylvie first came to Betacowork she felt that our atmosphere was very dynamic and she realized that Betacowork really wanted to help entrepreneurs and try to push initiatives in its members. That is why we asked Sylvie to give a workshop for members, which she called “How to improve your visual identity”. Her workshop was very inspiring and she taught us about the new tendencies in the visual identity process. Thanks Sylvie!
As do many of our members, Sylvie really enjoys our Friday lunches, where one of our members cooks delicious dishes for the others, and we are glad to hear the words of Sylvie when she says: “The great value here is the people that you meet: Very interesting people”.
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