The purpose of the Sharefest is to raise awareness on a series of initiatives in collaborative consumption that can help us in our daily life. Collaborative consumption offers an alternative to the excesses caused by the hyper-consumption and the immense inequalities it created. Betacowork team will be there to give you useful information about how coworking can improve your working life 🙂
Collaboration is a growing trend all around the world and this is the result of different factors: new technologies boost productivity and individual workers can do more in less time and with less resources than in the past. Freelancers and teleworkers are becoming more and more numerous, and it’s entirely up to them to create and manage their job. Moreover, the economic crisis has led to new solutions to save costs and create a better working environment. Coworking is improving the live of hundreds of thousands of independent workers, providing them with a dynamic structure and a professional network.
The Sharefest is organized by Taxistop, a Belgian association that actively promotes collaborative mobility through car sharing, and will follow the conference “Boosting partnership in collaborative consumption“, co-organised by the European Economic and Social Committee.

Thursday 3rd of July 2014 from 5PM to 10PM
Esplanade “Solidarnosc 1980” in front of the European Parliament (see Map)

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