I was watching one of the latest videos published by the team of Startup Weekend Mons when I suddenly realized the incredible amount of our coworkers in them, in front and behind the camera. The fact that I coorganize Startup Weekend Brussels with Leo Exter may have something to do with, but I think that the relationships built and the experience lived have much more to do with it. Some of them were not coworkers at the time and just decided to join us after this awesome business cocreation event.
So I thought that it would be a good idea to get them together in one place, to help you all get a better idea of what Startup Weekend is all about.So here’s the mega list of must watch testimonial videos and pitches:

Startup Weekend videos in French

In case your language skills don’t allow you to understand these videos or you want even more, don’t miss these…

Startup Weekend videos in English

This coming weekend is Startup Weekend Mons, where I will be participating, and on November 9 starts Startup Weekend Liège. Don’t miss this opportunity to live the startup life for a full intense weekend and sign up! if you need help with your pitch, you can get some inspiration in YouTube.

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