Yes, the Betagroup Coworking Brussels (AKA Betacowork) will be attending the Coworking Europe Conference. How couldn’t we? We were officially born on the first day of the first European coworking conference, organized by Jean-Yves Huwart in our beloved Brussels last November. Thanks to it we were able to accelerate the launch of our coworking space and during that weekend we already signed up our first five members.
How was it? Exhilarating. We met great people, discovered a lot interesting coworking spaces around the world (some joined from as far as San Francisco), tools in use, practices, concepts… An amazing weekend no matter how you look at it.
This year we are looking for more of that. The program is great and so is the city: Berlin. Germany is the country in Europe where coworking is more developed, and Berlin has some really interesting coworking spaces. We will be hosted by two of them: Betahaus and Club Office. I’ve been at the Betahaus already and it is really worth a visit. Having an opportunity like this to discover Club Office is just great ūüôā
Somebody we are looking forward to see is Joel Dellroy, from Deskmag. I’m sure he will have a lot of insight to share about coworking in Europe!

And guess who are also speakers? Sebastien Arbogast, another one of our members and winner of the first Startup Weekend Brussels with Kodesk, and myself, Ramon Suarez, founder of the Betagroup Coworking.

Don’t hesitate,¬†SIGN UP!

Jean-Yves¬†is the Founder and CEO of Entreprise Globale/Globe Corp, an innovating¬†Enterprise¬†2.0 think-tank that works “towards a more organic economy and more organic companies.”¬†
He is also the organizer of Coworking Europe, the first European congress about coworking.

Sebastien¬†is a citizen of the world. He loves creating stuff and going against the flow; hates religion forms and people who don’t know how to write correctly; loves Montreal and “tourte √† la viande”; hates banks and politicians; loves his best friends and cat; hates Windows and IBM; loves Open Source and his Macs; hates heavy metal and small dogs; loves mixing and composing.


Ramón was introduced to the Belgian Internet startup network by the BetaGroup, where he fell under the spell of the thriving community of developers, marketeers, entrepreneurs and other breeds of the World Wide Web. Since then he has been an active promoter of the Webmission and he has become a BetaGroup adviser.

He is a founding partner of the BetaGroup Coworking space in Brussels.

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