On Friday we have the chance of hosting Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission. She will be participating in a panel about investments in web entrepreneurs and growth with Brad Burnham and Bart Becks. Afterwards, she will be meeting with some startups to learn about what they do and if they have any ideas on how the EU could help them.
These are the startups that will meet with her:

  1. Green Crowding, Sissy Mueller. A crowdfunding website helping tangible renewable and energy-efficiency projects find finance from their local communities
  2. Woorank, Jean Derely. Automatic SEO for websites. In two years they’ve hired 11 people and keep on growing.
  3. Fikket, Pieter Eerlings. Online ticketing for events. Team in Belgium and Spain.
  4. TweetWallPro, Vincent Vandoorne. Twitter wall for events and TV, already used by the Council. Among their clients: World Mobile Congress, Midem, and TV programs like The Voice.
  5. Primento, Thibauld Léonard. digital publishing house that manages digital books of traditional publishers. Growing team. Publishes mainly in French.
  6. Smart Diploma, David Goldenberg. Smart Diploma is an online  secured academic passport, allowing graduates to store their certified credential documents and share them on social networks, job sites or directly to recruiters. INSEAD is one of their clients.
  7. Multiverse MiniFizz, Sabine Allaeys. A platform to empower girls on all levels,  with  gamification of the shopping experience.
  8. Cleverphone, Patrick Nollet . Temporary phone numbers to protect customer’s privacy on internet; and, call analytics to measure performance for advertisement.
  9. eDebex, Xavier Corman. Marketplace that allows SME to sell their commercial receivables for cash to professional investors
  10. Data.be, Toon Vanagt. Search engine for business official publication information in Belgium.

Two more people will join the conversation because of their involvement in the promotion of entrepreneurship and the Betagroup/Betacowork/Betainvest:

  1. westartup.eu, Leo Exter. A community of people who want to start, join or invest in a new business.  It brings together over 1,000 members in all the EU countries.
  2. Pulse Foundation, Paul Bosmans. Philantropic foundation entirely from private capital donated by entrepreneurs to support the associations that promote entrepreneurship in Belgium.

She is in a listening mood, you better take good advantage of it!

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