Last Monday we sent out the “Members Satisfaction Survey”. Nine simple questions, such as “Are you satisfied with the premises?” or “Are there any issues? Do you have other comments and information you want us to know or discuss?”, that we ask our members every six months. When we receive the answers, our ego explodes out of happiness and we feel rewarded for all the hard work.


Inspiring, friendly and professional environment with a start-up vibe. A great team and community, in addition to a well designed and well equipped office with everything a coworking space needs and systems that function smoothly


“Perfect place to network, feel less lonely, structure your day, get various feedback about your startup.”

Awesome people!

“I’ve already seen 15+ co-working spaces, in Asia, South America and Europe.
Betacowork is one of my 3 favorites for the following 2 reasons: great infrastructure (and close to where I’m staying) and great people.
The community aspect at Betacowork is particularly strong. I haven’t seen anything like it in other places. It really feels like a bunch of colleagues at a company, except that no ones works for the same person :)”


“It is a vibrant place with young entrepreneurial and friendly people around! There is everything one may need to work the whole day here: coworking space, rest corners, kitchen (with all necessary kitchen facilities).”selection_012

A great team!

“I’ve tried out a lot of co-working spaces and the Betacowork team as a whole are the friendliest and most efficient I have met! Sara is great and makes you feel really welcome during the trial day (and everyday after that).”

The Best 🙂

“I regularly attend a number of coworking spaces and Betacowork is, in my opinion, the best by the number of great people who work from there. There is a great uplifting and mutual help mindset.”

Of course we are not perfect, we also receive some complaints: “We’re still waiting for the jacuzzi” – who is not? – or, “The candy jar is always empty :(” (we just bought 5 kilos of candies, don’t worry!).
Voilà, these are the things that make us happy: our “Beta people” and the community that surround us.
Thank you 🙂

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