A long long time ago we created the Google Glass application of the Betacowork blog, thanks to Simple Wing, developed by our friend and speaker Antonio Zugaldia. Since then we’ve been dying to see what the result was like, but unfortunately due to the restrictions on the availability of the prototypes outside of the USA, we were not able to check it out until Antonio came and showed it to us.
For all of you unlucky earthlings without having the opportunity to see with your own eyes, we bring you screenshots!
Inception! the screen capturer captured! Screenshot_2013-11-20-16-57-39 Screenshot_2013-11-20-16-57-56 Screenshot_2013-11-20-16-58-14 Screenshot_2013-11-20-16-58-21 Screenshot_2013-11-20-16-58-35 Screenshot_2013-11-20-17-03-57 Screenshot_2013-11-20-17-04-01 Screenshot_2013-11-20-17-04-35 Screenshot_2013-11-20-17-04-44
The most impressive feature for me was the Read Aloud option, where a feminine voice goes through your skull to bring you the content of the post.

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