Three of our coworkers have been selected to the semifinals of the TV show Starter, aired by the RTBF. They are right now in the process of choosing the finalists and with your votes we can turn Pascal, Olivier and Cécric into TV entrepreneur megastars. If they are chosen they will participate in a 5 week programme where they will be challenged and coached by seasoned entrepreneurs and we will all be able to watch their progress on TV.

The projects

Smartphone SOS beacon for bikers

Streetfood with the Goulash Cannon

How can you help?

  1. Go to
  2. Find their projects and drag them to the box on the top, to the right of the projects.
  3. Fill your info and submit your vote.
  4. Share this post and your votes on social media to get more friends to vote.
  5. Like their YouTube videos above.

Thanks for your support!

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