Most of you already know it: we strongly support startups. We do it through our coworking space in Brussels, and also through the personal involvement of our members, the Betagroup, Jean & myself. One of the many way’s we support it is with our involvement in the launch of the initiative. A couple weeks ago we had the launching event, with a series of workshops, conferences and a full fledged Betagroup pitch slam. The domain was provided by our member Toon Vanagt, who you may have seen presenting at that same event.
It was great to see so many hundreds of people getting together to talk startups and so many that are actively involved in their promotion.Leo Exter and I have participated in the creation of this initiative from the begining (it was called the Future Business Support) that tries to map all the organizations that support startups in Belgium to make it easier for starters to find the best help and different stages of maturity and growth.
Leo Exter is one of our first members, he actually signed up when I announced the creation of the space in the European coworking conference. He’s the founder of, a social network for startups and starters, and cofounder of BetaInvest, an initiative that tries to bridge the distance among startups and investors and make it easier to find money for startups in Belgium.

I, Ramon Suarez, am the cofounder of the Betagroup Coworking, and organize with Leo and Gilbert West Startup Weekend Brussels, among other many chronic volunteering activities.
Finnally, you can see what other friends and entrepreneurs located in our building and active Betagroup supporters do with their startups, and get the advice of José Zurstrassen and Maurice Engelen:
Looking forward to much more!

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