With the new academic course we have a great announcement to make: we are now hosting Marc Goldchstein’s Technological Entrepreneurship Department of the VUB and his team. You will start to regularly see the faces of Marc, Thomas and Tom along with some other researches and teachers poping up at the Betagroup Coworking Brussels.
As you can already see in the picture, they deal with a lot of hardware stuff, much more complicated business than most Internet only shops (I’m still puzzled every time I see their Entrepreneurship in photonics courses.) Marc is a serial entrepreneur with extensive practical and acedemical knowledge. You may have already met him during the first Startup Weekend Brussels.
The good thing is that you can tap their extensive knowledge and willingness to make business happen. Our members have access to 3h of free coaching with Marc and his team. As with any other member, just say hi to them and learn about what they are doing, it is really interesting!

Marc Goldchstein

Marc Goldchstein, VUB technology entrepreneurship professor at the VUB

Marc is a teaching professor of technology entrepreneurship at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel; affiliated to the VUB Tech Transfert Interface; board member of VUB spin-offs (Collibra, Elsyca). He is also the cofounder of one of the very first VUB spin-offs (SoftCore, 1987), in total 18 years of professional experience in software and telecom startups.
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