How hard is it to describe the concept and the experience of coworking? It goes from sharing a working space to opening oneself to both personal and professional exchanges, until you feel really part of a community.

An article posted on Deskmag collects some impressions from people who were asked to describe coworking in a hundred words. Productivity, ideas, community, sharing, teaching and learning are some of the most recurring key words.

The place where you work ends inevitably to become the place where you spend most of your lifetime. After a while you spend your working time at home you easily realize that anything interesting can happen there but opening the fridge again and again hoping that something new will appear, looking at your shelves getting dusty or at the worst taking a look at yourself in the mirror wearing the same old pajama. Aren’t we made of interactions?
Here are some phrases that affected me the most, and I think that it is quite easy for any coworker to recognize themselves in them.

Coworking is putting your pants on, grabbing your laptop, leaving the procrastinationhole you call your homeoffice behind and moving on to a productive environment.

Technology innovation has completely revolutionized our way of working. It is almost scary how we can’t do without!  Internet has cancelled distance and speeded up interactions, which are more and more taking place in a virtual dimension rather than in the real one. One of the best ways to react to the lack of personal interaction of many “online jobs” is definitely switching to the world of coworking.

Coworking is where everyone does their own thing in the same space until they do it together. It’s where your social network is REAL.

Coworking builds brand new projects and relationships. Yes, it’s true what they say: the guy sitting next to you could be your next project partner! 

Unlike the traditional solution for independent workers and freelancers of renting an office with a four walls and a door, the coworking environment welcomes social contact, new ideas and even discussion.

 And  how would you describe your coworking experience if you had a hundred words?

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