We don’t say much over in the quiet room, but we do love words. That’s no surprise in a room where half of the people are translators or wordsmiths of some kind.
So Jeremy Blezard – wordsmith, sketcher, story boarder, consummate wearer of jumpers – and I hatched a little project called Le Mot of the Dag which we hope will bring a little joy to your life and a smile to your face.
Jeremy set to work sketching out some ideas.
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But then he found an unused sign and in the spirit of the 1980s phrase, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, we decided to go for the simplest solution repurpose that in to our shrines of words.
And you dear member can take part too. I fact we definitely need your input. Send me a special word in Dutch, French or English and we’ll add it to the list.
It’s tempting to go for the longest word you can think of, but contain yourself if you can. We have obvious space constraints and also it’s not really the point. Send us your favourite word: a word that makes you smile, makes you feel warm inside, a word that feels good on the tongue. No translations or definitions needed. People can discover this for themselves if they want to know.
We have a little stockpile of words at the moment and the project is “live” so come and visit the shrine to words, Le Mot Of The Dag.

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