David Boehl runs a company called GraphicBomb, an online advertising network for the travel industry. He comes from Seattle, America and he is currently in Brussels to set up European operations for his company. His current project is to develop a European localized version, mainly for a website called Golastminute that belongs to GraphicBomb.
When David moved to Belgium he spent six months working from home. He tells us that although at first it worked well, in time he felt that he was not integrated into the professional community in Brussels. Also he needed to have an address for his company so he found Betacowork after searching on the internet, and he decided to join us straight away. When he met us he realized that there were people willing to help him with translation, accounting and legal work; side benefits that he did not see at first.
At Betacowork he has found a very friendly environment and he states that it is nice to go somewhere and feel that people know you and want to talk to you. “It is so different than working from home, where you do not get that”.
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