KatiaKatia is a French native freelance translator, with over ten years experience in translation and proofreading. Katia is the founder and manager of KX Translations, delivering translations from English, Spanish and Italian into French. Thanks to her network of contacts, she can offer the same services in many other languages, mainly in the domain of EU affairs, migration and human rights.
After she graduated in translation, Katia spent six nomadic years working and travelling all around the world, then settled in Brussels, following the need for a more sedentary life. There she started her career in translation, that became her profession and her passion.
Katia loves her freelance job and the way she can work absolutely from everywhere, organizing her own schedule and not depending on a fixed place or employer.
Recently, Katia discovered a new way of travelling and since then, she can’t stop enjoying it: home exchanges! Home exchanges are the perfect combination between her love for travelling and her job, that’s why she decided to promote it and to share her own experiences in a blog: La nomade sédentaire, as she defines herself.
Do not hesitate to contact Katia or to meet her at Betacowork. She will be glad to help you with translations or with organizing your home exchange experience.
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