Coworker Toon Vanagt has just recently made his appearance in a report produced by Brussel TV thanks to, his project focused – among other tasks – on the screening of Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge to prevent institutions from being victims of fraud.
Watch the report filmed in our office and read the full transcript in English below!

Full EN transcript
Do you know Mr. Hasan Hasanov? For a few weeks he has been recognised as the CEO of more than 20 Belgian companies, to say the least. Although his name appears in the Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge (the Belgian official journal, TN), Hasanov is just an ordinary villain devoted to raid bank accounts and flee.
“This company, Deldo Autobanden, was swindled by this criminal group. During the long weekend of 20th (July, TN) the group went through the firm’s banks. Deldo Autobanden is a very large enterprise for the import of car tyres. It also appears among the top 10 taxpayers in Belgium. The banks did not fall into the trap, given the prestigious reputation of the company, where the Delacroix family is involved, a former minister.”
Hasan Hasanov was a resident in Brussels. “Brussels is considered a hub because there are relatively plenty of migrants living there, and housing controls are not as strict as in other areas in Flanders or in Wallonia, where local police checks when someone new moves into the district. Since this is not always the case in Brussels, the dishonest charlatans take advantage of the situation and settle down in less controlled areas, and Brussels is often one of those.”
Apparently everyone in Belgium can register as CEO of anything, as the clerk at Chamber of Commerce only asks for your ID. Toon Vanagt’s company deals with the screening of the Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge:
“Actually, I think the authorities should take action on this matter. We have developed a search engine that can search among 2,3 million files in the Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge. There, very useful information are enclosed to help different banks and insurance companies identify fraud.”
This kind of fraud has been around for at least 3 years. Most banks are now aware of it, but some car companies aren’t yet.
“There was this one company that had 7 leasing contracts registered under the swindler’s name, because he went around all garages presenting himself as the new chief executive. He plays this tricks using the name of healthy organisations that would get credit smoothly. In this way he can get easy access to the cars.”
After today, Hasan Hasanov’s reputation will be damaged, but do not worry: a new fraudster is already ready for action.