Tel: +32 2 737 67 69 Shared office coworking space in Brussels, for professionals and entrepreneurs. Much more than a business center. Startup & geek friendly professional network.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is the new way freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and teleworkers share an office in the 21st century: To work in an environment that improves their productivity and network, to break the isolation of working from home and the burden of working at the clients’ headquarters. Coworking provides all the facilities of a traditional office without the politics and backstabbing. It fosters interaction and increases your energy and motivation, opening up new professional opportunities.

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Why Coworking ?

Be More Productive & Be Happier

We humans are more productive and happy working together than alone. At a coworking space you get the best of a company office environment with none of the politics and back stabbing. You are surrounded by other professionals working on their projects in a hostility free and friendly environment, which encourages you to focus on your work, and with whom you can discuss and exchange ideas, and improve your business, life, and community. The Global Coworking Survey shows that coworkers are happy with working at coworking spaces, they have expanded their business and social networks, get more ideas for their businesses and find more jobs and projects.

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Build and Grow your Business

Running a business and freelancing is hard. When you share your working space with fellow professionals you are part of a supportive community of people running into the same obstacles as you; they can help. When you become a member of our coworking community you have the chance to meet, work, create and build in a dynamic, creative and productive environment, powered by the largest group of Internet, technology and mobile professionals in Belgium: the Betagroup. Our purpose as a coworking space and business is to help, connect and support the members of our community, to improve their lives, our city, and the Belgian business ecosystem.
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Network, Connect, and Collaborate

We are more than a business center or a virtual office: we are a professional network. We help you connect and collaborate to increase the potential of collaboration with all, so that you can work, develop your projects, hire and be hired, and launch your company more easily. Having the mutual support of the coworkers also increases your self-confidence and well-being.

Our founder, Ramon, has a very large network that he activated for many years for Betacowork and the coworkers, and is one of the pillars of tech entrepreneurship in Belgium.

The new Manager, Benedicte Duhaut, is bringing her energy to connect members and bring life to their projects & knowledge.

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Who is Coworking For?

Coworking is made for modern professionals who rely on the Internet to carry out their work. Our members are freelance professionals, entrepreneurs, and teleworkers. Each of them has different interests and personalities that contribute to creating a more creative environment: geeks, technologists, entrepreneurs, creatives, designers, marketers, business consultants, architects, lawyers… We host individuals and teams that thrive in an open environment. If you want to work with others in a more private way you can use our meeting, seminar, workshop and conference rooms, fully equipped with Internet and projectors or screens. Everything is in place to make your meeting successful.

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Why Work at Betacowork?


Our Members

We are the largest and longest running coworking space in Brussels thanks to our members. They are the ones that contribute the most to this success with their attitude and trust, and make us happy to come to work every day. What do they get out of it? According to our internal surveys the betacoworkers have more professional and personal contacts and clients; are happier; improve their focus, concentration, and productivity; get help and advice; and are more creative.


Our Reviews

100% of our current members and 95% of our former members recommend Betacowork. 98% of them are satisfied with the work of our team. Check our reviews in Google, Facebook and Yelp (click on the images to access the reviews in each site):

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Our Focus

We are fully focused on our members. We are obsessed with improving the service we give and with increasing the opportunities we help create.

Flexible and Worry Free

We created Betacowork to help our members, that’s why we keep membership flexible: you do not have to sign long-term leases and can join us for just one month if you want. You don’t have to worry about cleaning, electricity bills, air-conditioning, repairs… We take care of it for you so that you can concentrate on your business. You choose your own schedule to work in our space, with the possibility of having 24/7 access.
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Our Premises

Where you work contributes to your success. We enjoy an ultra fast 200Mb/s Internet connection with 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz professional high performance Wi-Fi access points, and one 50Mb/s backup networks with a different Internet service provider.

We partner with and are located at ICAB Business & Technology Incubator, a technology incubator that offers great premises in a modern looking building made to impress. The rooms are equipped, comfortable and cleaned daily. We have professional working chairs for the long hours we and our members spend in front of our computers. There are 6 meeting rooms, 4 event rooms, 3 kitchens, and 1 shower available to our members.
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