What’s the best plan for you?

1 Day/week Equivalent

Perfect for those looking for a productive and inspiring environment to work from time to time ! You are starting your business, budget matters and concentration too… So start coworking and to develop your network, your productivity and concentration.

Half Time

The preferred plan of our members. We know that you have your business appointment here and there. Half time use of our premises can be used every morning, very afternoon, a day upon two, or 2 weeks in a row. So, do your business and cowork in a balanced rhythm.

Full Time

Some of you look for a stable place and come every day. It’s is like your second home. Also because you will leave a few objects, your vibe and your projects over here. Full time coworking is nice and leads you towards the next step or scale up.

1 Day/week Equivalent

105/month + VAT
  • Coworking : 32h/month
  • Meeting rooms : 2h/month
  • Times : Weekdays from 8h to 20h

Half Time

170/month + VAT
  • Coworking : 80h/month
  • Meeting rooms : 4h/month
  • Times : Weekdays from 8h to 20h

Full Time

295/month + VAT
  • Coworking : unlimited
  • Meeting rooms : 6h/month
  • Times : 24h/7

Fixed office 105€ extra/month.

You can leave your possesions, papers and good vibes at your exclusive work place.

Stay in touch

Take the first step or just  to stay in contact with the community when life takes us elsewhere.

Community membership

50 /month + VAT

Access to the cafétéria : 4 h/month

Times : Weekdays from 9h to 18h

Free entry to events


Community membership

1 Day a Week Equivalent

Half Time

Full Time Flexi Desk

Full Time Own Desk (only 3 left)


Coworking Hours 4h per month 32h per month 80h per month Unlimited Unlimited
Meeting rooms 2h per month 4h per month 6h per month 6h per month
Times Weekdays from 9h30 to 18h Weekdays from 8h to 20h Weekdays from 8h to 20h 24/7 24/7
Keys to building and rooms
Parking card @€25/month in the street if you register your company at our address
Bicycle parking


Monthly facilitated networking events
Welcoming and helpful team of facilitators
Interesting and professional coworkers
Facilitated introductions
Access to 450+ coworking spaces around the world with the Coworking Visa
Profile in website
Access all members profiles
Messaging tool to contact each member
Discounts, special offers and free access to events
Active and helpful mailing list

Rooms + meeting areas

Hight speed Internet
3 Equipped modern coworking rooms
3 Equipped kitchens
6 equipped meeting rooms with screens and projectors
Relax room
Free meeting spaces (cafet, relax room, open cubes)
40 private lockers (on demand)
Phone number available as extra
Private cupboards avalaible as extra
Free candy
Special discounted price for room locations for your events


Mail & parcel recption
Company address (only valid whilst package active) (1 x 150€ & 60€/year + VAT)
Bils by email
Alternate biling contact
Manage your plans yourself in dedicated members area
Minimum membership 1 month 1 month 1 month 1 month 1 month
Current month upgradres Instant Instant Instant Instant Instant
Cancel & downgrade 1 month notice 1 month notice 1 month notice 1 month notice 1 month notice


Deposit €354 (2 months + keys) €511 (2months + keys) €814 (2months + keys) €1068 (2 months + keys)
Price per month €50 + VAT €105 + VAT €170 + VAT €295 + VAT €400 + VAT