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Why did I choose Betacowork?

“At first, I was looking for an office  where I could be immediately operational. Betacowork brought me much more than that. I made friends, found partners and new clients. So much more than just a working space, Betacowork is a true community that allows for personal growth and to expand your business.”

Théodore Taymans – Coworker since january 2015

3 rooms, 3 vibes

3 rooms, 3 vibes

A friendly and helpful community

A friendly and helpful community

Constant networking possibilities

All kinds of events

Spaces to meet and interact throughout the building

Spaces to meet and interact throughout the building

natural daylight

Natural daylight
(a real benefit)

Our ecosystem in figures



New opportunities …



New faces …


Cofees /day

New connections …

Why did I choose a half-time plan?

For my small business, my time is split between the basic work and meetings with my clients. Betacowork gives me a base of operations. I have developed my business here and it is easy to organise meetings and discussions with my team.”

Marie Lebeau- 16 april 2018

Marie Lebeau

1 Day/week Equivalent

105/month + VAT
  • Coworking : 32h/month
  • Meeting rooms : 2h/month
  • Times : Weekdays from 8h to 20h

Half Time

170/month + VAT
  • Coworking : 80h/month
  • Meeting rooms : 4h/month
  • Times : 24h/7

Full Time

295/month + VAT
  • Coworking : unlimited
  • Meeting rooms : 6h/month
  • Times : 24h/7
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Grow your network
Grow as a person
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