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Stefán F. Einarsson

From Iceland. Moved to Brussels with the family (wife and two daughters) in August 2016. Before that, lived in Copenhagen DK for 8 years.

I’m a skilled sustainability professional with 15+ years of international consulting experience, helping clients managing environmental and social sustainability issues in a range of sectors. I can be described as a creative thinker, flexible and analytical with a drive towards continuous learning, an avid problem-solver, systems thinker and environmentalist with high professional and ethical standards. I currently live in Brussels, Belgium with my wife and two daughters.

I am currently pursuing an MBA in 'Innovation, Enterprise and the Circular Economy' at Bradford Uni., UK.

I strongly believe that to create a fair society where people and businesses can prosper within the limits of one planet, we need to fundamentally rethink how we do business. Doing less harm is not enough. We need a new economic system; a circular economy, where doing business regenerates natural and social capital. This move requires innovative redesign and entrepreneurship at all levels of society and is a major source of value adding business opportunities. The transition has started, and I want to be a part of it.

In my free time I like to spend time in nature, take photos, run through muddy obstacles or dance the lindy hop.

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