Looking for a special culinary experience in Brussels? Oh-Chef by Xavier Jeunejean – Coworker of the week

xavierFood lovers, this is for you! Whether you are a beginner or a professional cook, whether you want to learn or simply offer some good food to your guests, Xavier may have the solution for you. Xavier is the founder of Oh-chef: a platform to organize culinary experiences with quality chefs and for an affordable budget (from 300 euros!)

At home or at the office, Oh-Chef offers different kinds of experiences: cooking classes, live cooking, contests, dinner parties.

In all cases, the Chef takes care of everything: shopping, cooking and cleaning up of the kitchen. It is possible to choose the Chef that you prefer, according to his experience, or you can simply choose a type of cuisine that you like.


The Oh-Chef project had to change and refined many times before reaching its final concept: the original idea was first tested by Xavier and his associate during a Startup Weekend, getting lots of useful feedback and advice for improvement. Xavier also participated to the Microsoft Boostcamp. Soon after it, they made the big jump and created the company. Since then, they managed to sell at least 1 experience per week, but they are now doubling their numbers! The concept is working really good in big companies, and Oh-Chef is focusing a lot on B2B with team building activities, competitions and vouchers.

Xavier has gained experience in the catering business and restaurants since he left school. He also obtained a degree in informatics and another in Finance, and worked several years as a developer and project manager.

Xavier is looking for a dutch speaker to join his team, and for ambassadors and bloggers that want to spread the word about Oh-Chef. If interested, you can contact Xavier on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin, or find him at the Betacowork, where he goes to enjoy the company of fellow entrepreneurs, to exchange with them the best practices and to improve his professional network.

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