Is being a freelancer as amazing as everyone says it is ?

Did you know, that freelancing and working from home can get so boring that it can even lead to a depression?

Stop working from home, start coworking and increase your happiness & productivity.


To be a freelancer or self- employed sounds so tempting.  Everybody aims to have a flexible schedule, to have a variety of projects, and to be able to control the workload. What can be better than being your own boss and working anywhere you want?

But is being a freelancer as amazing as everyone says it is?

Did you know, that freelancing and working from home can get so boring that it can even lead to a depression. Many freelancers get socially isolated, due to the lack of interaction with people.

Based on the statistics, more than a half of freelancers identified that the biggest difficulty of freelance business is finding clients. Those, who are working from home and are stuck in their rooms, do not meet new potential clients and customers.

In order to overcome those barriers, you need to have a reason to get up, take a shower and leave your room and somehow, somewhere meet new people.

You must constantly promote yourself and your business in order to be visible and get hired. You have to join various networking events, meetings, pitching events. You have to be good at “selling’’ yourself.

However, everything is not that bad, and freelancing definitely can be amazing if you choose the right working environment. All the barriers and difficulties mentioned above can be solved easily. Wondering how?

Stop working from home, join coworking space.

According to one of our coworkers, Jeremy Blezard : if working at home sucks, Coworking breathes. It breathes new life into your prospects. It can also save your life. You should try it.

In the coworking space, you are always surrounded by like-minded people and you never feel lonely.

Become a part of friendly community and expand, build your network, and find some new clients/customers or just make some new friends.

Cedric Donckels, our former coworker once indicated, that 40% of his turnover comes directly or indirectly from coworking (31% through clients he met at Betacowork and 9% through recommendations and contacts of these clients)

By joining various workshops, training, conferences you’ll be able to grow as a person.

By joining various fun events such as Jeudredi, AperoJam, Aperodance, Betacooks, you’ll have fun while still building your network up.

One of the main benefit that former members got out of their membership is that 39.2% became happier.

If you need some help with anything just drop a message to all the coworkers and let them know. We promise, you’ll find somebody ready to help you.

It is just a small part of all the benefits you get. Experience more by yourself – give coworking space a try and cowork for free during one whole week to test it by yourself.

In order to support freelancers and reboot the enthusiasm, we organized special Freelancer’s on 15th of October 12:30 Lunch where we are going to talk about ,,How does coworking help me to find customers’’. Share your own story and get 2 weeks of coworking of free! Click here to see the offer. 

If you are not a freelancer or just want to try our coworking space out, join the Coworking Week ( 22 -26 October). During the Coworking week you can cowork for free, the entire week, and participate in many events. Check this out