Betacowork is proud to offer support to startups in their early stages. That’s why we have lapicture-14-1426100135unched a coworking scholarship, in partnership with
Starting from the 1st of July, for three months, the winning teams will have the chance to work on their project full time at Betacowork. They’ll join the community and they’ll be coached by the Betacowork team throughout their progress.

After a tough selection: here are the winners!

  • Majore is focusing on optimizing diabetes care. By doing what? Creating time for people. They are cMajorereating an algorithm for the treatment of this disease. Their data analysis and application helps people living with diabetes who want to improve their quality of life and care by capturing the whole persona. If you wish to contribute to their research please fill in their survey. The team: Margot Vanfleteren, founder; Katarina Braune, CMO; Franz Härtel, Chief R&D.


  • Meetsies is a new delicious way to make new friends! In big cities is often difficult to meet likeFacebookHomePageImageminded people, through Meetsies you can host or attend events and easily enlarge your network of friends. The team: Nik Subramanian, Chief Executive Officer; Peter Heremans, Chief Technology Officer; Ségolène Martin, Chief Marketing Officer.


  • Browcast is a multi-channel presentation SaaS platform. The aim is to help sales & marketing in the pharmaceutical sector, to unify the users and doctors experience across all the communication channels. BrowcastLogoBrowcast improves the market insight, by centralizing all the presentations materials and simplifying the creation process, drastically reducing the meetings costs and duration with the doctors, and improving the interactivity and feedback from and to the doctors. Team: Yves Konen, IT; Daniel Kogut, Sales & marketing

Congratulations to the winners, let’s get started on the hard work!